Bay Parking Tutorial

If you have just started to learn driving, then bay parking will definitely be one of the things you have to pick up soon.

Although bay parking is not as difficult as parallel parking is, it may still be intimidating for beginner drivers, especially when you see other cars so closely beside you.

There is a 90 degree parking method and a 45 degree one. It is the 45 degree one which can get really complicated due to less ‘markings’ you can look at to help you judge if you parked into the bay lot correctly. Also, there are no circuits in Singapore’s driving schools to teach you how to park 45 degrees although there are such carparks in Singapore such as at Ehub in Pasir Ris (but thankfully, there are only a few).

For normal bay parking 90 degrees it is actually very simple to drive and learn it.

Although different driving instructors in Singapore would teach you different things, one of the best methods to learn (at least for me), was through the video I have shared below.

Enjoy, I hope it helps you too!

Bay parking is very common, and there are increasingly fewer places in Singapore with parallel parking because bay parking is generally more space saving in space constrained Singpaore and also because it is much easier for people. I have heard of drivers going to other places simply because there was only parallel parking at a particular car park lol.

Hence, it’s important to learn the above driving lesson and pay close attention when it comes to parking from your private driving instructor.

When I first drove on the real roads, I felt that the highway and normal places were simple but the parking was the one which made me feel more conscious because there are many other cars so near to me – whereas it was only kerbs around me inside the driving circuit when I took my driving license as well as my private driving lessons.

Heed my advice, someone who has been through what you want to go through – driving lessons and then the test. It is simple – trust me passing on the first try is easy. Ignore those naysayers – believe in yourself and you can do it!

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