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Steps To Getting Your Singapore Driver’s License

So you are an expatriate and are looking to drive in Singapore, or perhaps you just turned 18 and can’t wait to learn driving.

Here are the steps you need to take to get your driving license in Singapore.

1) Apply for a Basic Theory Test at any of the Traffic Police departments at any of the three schools in Singapore. Ubi, Bukit Batok and Woodlands.

2) Pass the Basic Theory Test and bring the receipt to apply for your Provisional Driving License

3) Take driving lessons

4) Apply for your Final Theory Test

5) Pass your Final Theory Test

6) Apply for your practical test

7) Now you have the choice to either learn from schools such as CDC, BBDC and SSDC or from a private driving instructor.

8) Pass your practical test

It is pretty straightforward – the only main issue with taking your driving test in Singapore and getting that coveted international license which can be converted and used in virtually every other country in the world is that the time in between each test (2 theory and one practical) usually takes pretty long and there is nothing you can do about it. You are forced to wait a few months (sometimes) for your examinations and in between those times, especially for your theory driving tests, you can only study and do nothing else.

When waiting for your practical exam, you can practise and take more driving lessons with your private driving instructor and they’ll be more than glad to teach you. However, just take note that generally most auto students take around 15 to 20 lessons while manual students take 22 to 25 driving lessons before going for their first driving test in Singapore (each lesson is 1.5 hours). So judge accordingly and do not get conned into taking ‘too many unnecessary lessons’ by potentially unethical instructors.

Most private driving instructors in Singapore are alright though, as their skills are all certified and qualified by the Traffic police itself.

Driving Rules In Singapore (FINE)

If you have not yet realized it during your stay in Singapore, it is a country where basically nearly everything you do on the roads which is the slightest bit ‘illegal’ will result in a hefty fine.

If you mod your engine and when it reaches yearly inspection time and you do not change it back, you will get fined.

If you speed over 10km/h over the speed limit, you will get a fine of probably between $50 to $200.

If you park at a place without a ticket, you can get fined.

How To Get Your Driver’s License ASAP

If your goal is to get your Singapore driver’s license as soon as possible, then you need to be aware of the main mistakes that many people make during the actual driving test. This is because you usually need to wait pretty long before being able to take your exam, thus making each driving test very important.

Sometimes, not every driving instructor will teach you the following tips for passing your test but here they are so that you stand the highest chance of getting your license on the first try.

1) Do not drive off from stationary position without first checking your rear view mirror. This is a mistake that is frowned upon, and although it should only constitute 2 demerit points, do it often enough, you will fail.

2) Always have your feet on the feet brake pedals at all times if you are at a Traffic Junction or are at stationary position.

3) Always turn your head every obviously so that the driving test assessor can actually see you checking your blind spots.

4) Another main thing is to always appear confident. There are testers who simply keep tapping on their iPad but they’re actually ticking your checklist of completed activities, and not your mistakes – some people panic and as a result perform badly for the rest of their driving test – don’t let that happen to you.

Always be confident, and do the test confidently – you have practised so many times – JUST DO IT YOU CAN DO IT. pass the driving test and finally get your driving license and drive on the roads like a ‘real’ driver!

Manual Uphill Instructions

This is definitely one of the hardest things about driving – driving a manual car uphill from a complete stop.

Most people either step too much on the gas pedal and shoot right off, or step too little resulting in the car engine stalling.

Check out the following video to best learn the technique to do so!

It is very important that you get a competent instructor from to learn driving. Make sure to find one who has a good track record!

Funny Driving Fails

Before you go out onto the roads and try to drive, please make sure to get a good driving instructor in Singapore before learning how to drive.

Look at how HORRIBLE some drivers are around the world!

Crashing into other cars, hitting walls and nearly tipping their own cars over are among some of the most ridiculous driving.

Make sure to learn driving well!

Also, always remember that even if you have already gotten your Singapore driver’s license, it does not mean  that you can drive like a rogue on the roads now.

Always remember to be kind on the roads, do not block people from overtaking you ( a common road rage issue), speed up if you’re road hogging, and slow down at junctions and turnings.

A good private driving instructor in Singapore will teach you all the rules and regulations and on top of that, good driving behaviors in Singapore that you should ideally adhere to although some may just be nice to follow things but not necessarily Singapore Traffic Police rules.

It is important to be courteous to each other on the roads regardless you are a driver or a pedestrian, as you’ll be one of them at different points in time.

Roundabout Driving Tutorial

Roundabout Driving Tutorial

Roundabouts are not that common in Singapore, but there are definitely still roundabouts in Singapore, and you should learn how to navigate them just in case you run across one. I have seen many people panicking on the real roads (especially beginner drivers) around a roundabout because they suddenly see many real cars moving towards them or their lane at much higher speeds than a simulated driving circuit. This is why you need to learn properly from your driving instructor.

The following video seeks to share with you how to navigate a roundabout in Singapore.

Make sure to get your premium private driving instructor at: SGLEARNTODRIVE

Many people in Singapore, get nervous when they go into a roundabout traffic junction such as the one at Novena – the one near the food center. They panic and then cause chaos. This is for people who already passed their driving test successfully and gotten their Singapore driving license but can still be like that. Hence, make sure to take your private driving lessons very seriously and learn how to go about a roundabout in the circuit and listen to your private driving instructor.

How To Make A U-Turn

How To Make A U-Turn

If you have never learnt a U-turn before, it is actually surprisingly easy. In fact, when I first learnt driving, the hardest thing I found was grasping the control of the clutch as well as parallel parking.

I thought that doing a U-turn would be difficult, but it turned out to be much easier than I thought!

Amazing. But I’m glad that it went smoothly. This video by Howcast did help me a lot while learning so I thought of sharing it with you!

I had my driving lessons Singapore taught by a very competent instructor called Mr Foo, and thus I never experienced any problems with driving.

Well, you see the thing about U turns is that it’s slightly different between manual and auto transmission cars and the following highlights the difference you need to do:

For manual cars, you should only let the clutch go at the half depressed and biting point and allow the car to drive at that speed but with your other feet on the brake pedals in case of emergency. Once you complete the turning, immediately turn your steering wheel back fast and accelerate afterwards.

Driving – How To Change Lanes

Changing lanes is a seemingly easy task, and it is when there are no cars around you!

However, filtering lanes can seem like an extremely daunting and difficult task when you see a lot of cars all around you – which is especially the case during peak periods in Singapore (Ubi area). So for students taking driving lessons at Ubi area in Singapore, you may feel that it is difficult to filter lanes at Ubi. Remember, that if your driving tester asks you to filter to a particular lane or make a turning and you fail to do so as a result of not filtering lanes of time (possibly due to fear) you get an immediate failure for your driving test. This is why you should pay close attention to what I have to say on top of what your private driving instructor teaches you during the lesson.

But when you first begin to learn driving, you will find that you may miss out some blind spots when trying to change lanes, or that you turn your car too sharply.

All these can be negated with a good teacher.

But all these are perfectly fine… Until you are driving on a road with many cars / heavy traffic, then you start panicking!

Or worse still, you’re on the highway / expressway and there are many cars around you and they are all really fast moving!

How then do you change lanes on the roads?

The above video is a good instructional video which teaches you how to filter lanes and drive safely regardless of the road situation you are in right now.

Filtering lanes is one of the most basic driving skills you will ever need after you get your driving license and in a tiny country such as Singapore where you need to constantly change lanes and directions to get to where you want to go, filtering lanes is a must have skill.

It is really simple and if you got yourself a good private driving instructor he/she will be able to teach you well and learn this skill. The main important thing is to not swerve when you’re trying to filter lanes – that’s the most common mistakes made by students during driving lessons.

Bay Parking Tutorial

If you have just started to learn driving, then bay parking will definitely be one of the things you have to pick up soon.

Although bay parking is not as difficult as parallel parking is, it may still be intimidating for beginner drivers, especially when you see other cars so closely beside you.

There is a 90 degree parking method and a 45 degree one. It is the 45 degree one which can get really complicated due to less ‘markings’ you can look at to help you judge if you parked into the bay lot correctly. Also, there are no circuits in Singapore’s driving schools to teach you how to park 45 degrees although there are such carparks in Singapore such as at Ehub in Pasir Ris (but thankfully, there are only a few).

For normal bay parking 90 degrees it is actually very simple to drive and learn it.

Although different driving instructors in Singapore would teach you different things, one of the best methods to learn (at least for me), was through the video I have shared below.

Enjoy, I hope it helps you too!

Bay parking is very common, and there are increasingly fewer places in Singapore with parallel parking because bay parking is generally more space saving in space constrained Singpaore and also because it is much easier for people. I have heard of drivers going to other places simply because there was only parallel parking at a particular car park lol.

Hence, it’s important to learn the above driving lesson and pay close attention when it comes to parking from your private driving instructor.

When I first drove on the real roads, I felt that the highway and normal places were simple but the parking was the one which made me feel more conscious because there are many other cars so near to me – whereas it was only kerbs around me inside the driving circuit when I took my driving license as well as my private driving lessons.

Heed my advice, someone who has been through what you want to go through – driving lessons and then the test. It is simple – trust me passing on the first try is easy. Ignore those naysayers – believe in yourself and you can do it!

How To Parallel Park

Parallel parking is one of the most daunting driving skills you have to learn if you ever decide to learn to drive.

When I first went for my parallel parking lesson taught by my private driving instructor, I was super nervous but he calmed me down by breaking the steps to parking into simple to follow ‘for dummies’ way. During parallel parking driving lessons, I got more and more confident because the private driving instructor broke down the daunting steps into simple ones. This is what happens when you get a recommended private driving instructor versus taking up some random one. I had known someone who randomly walked up to an instructor at the coffeeshop at Ubi and asked for an instructor – is there any wonder why he didn’t get the best instructor?

The main difference between this and regular bay parking is because neighboring cars are in front of and behind your car, and not beside you where you can see the cars clearly.

This is where most people either steer their steering wheels too early resulting in the car jutting out of the lot or turning too late resulting in hitting of the roadside curb.

It is important for you to learn this parallel parking skill properly.

This is all the more important because, you will feel much more nervous during your actual driving on real roads and parking areas. This is simply due to the fact that you know it is other cars in front and behind you when you parallel park instead of just a curb or a pole.

You can and should watch the video below to learn!

If you still feel nervous during parallel parking – do not worry. Just take comfort in knowing that 90% of people feel that parallel parking is hard – even for people who already have their driving license. this is because you can easily see what’s beside your car for normal vertical parking spaces, but you can’t for parallel parking.

Finding a good teacher to teach you driving lessons is half the battle won for getting your driving license. Hence always look for a good one – either ask your friends who have passed on the first try or go online to look for agencies which match students up with recommended private driving instructors.