Funny Driving Fails

Before you go out onto the roads and try to drive, please make sure to get a good driving instructor in Singapore before learning how to drive.

Look at how HORRIBLE some drivers are around the world!

Crashing into other cars, hitting walls and nearly tipping their own cars over are among some of the most ridiculous driving.

Make sure to learn driving well!

Also, always remember that even if you have already gotten your Singapore driver’s license, it does not mean ¬†that you can drive like a rogue on the roads now.

Always remember to be kind on the roads, do not block people from overtaking you ( a common road rage issue), speed up if you’re road hogging, and slow down at junctions and turnings.

A good private driving instructor in Singapore will teach you all the rules and regulations and on top of that, good driving behaviors in Singapore that you should ideally adhere to although some may just be nice to follow things but not necessarily Singapore Traffic Police rules.

It is important to be courteous to each other on the roads regardless you are a driver or a pedestrian, as you’ll be one of them at different points in time.

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