How To Get Your Driver’s License ASAP

If your goal is to get your Singapore driver’s license as soon as possible, then you need to be aware of the main mistakes that many people make during the actual driving test. This is because you usually need to wait pretty long before being able to take your exam, thus making each driving test very important.

Sometimes, not every driving instructor will teach you the following tips for passing your test but here they are so that you stand the highest chance of getting your license on the first try.

1) Do not drive off from stationary position without first checking your rear view mirror. This is a mistake that is frowned upon, and although it should only constitute 2 demerit points, do it often enough, you will fail.

2) Always have your feet on the feet brake pedals at all times if you are at a Traffic Junction or are at stationary position.

3) Always turn your head every obviously so that the driving test assessor can actually see you checking your blind spots.

4) Another main thing is to always appear confident. There are testers who simply keep tapping on their iPad but they’re actually ticking your checklist of completed activities, and not your mistakes – some people panic and as a result perform badly for the rest of their driving test – don’t let that happen to you.

Always be confident, and do the test confidently – you have practised so many times – JUST DO IT YOU CAN DO IT. pass the driving test and finally get your driving license and drive on the roads like a ‘real’ driver!

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