How To Make A U-Turn

How To Make A U-Turn

If you have never learnt a U-turn before, it is actually surprisingly easy. In fact, when I first learnt driving, the hardest thing I found was grasping the control of the clutch as well as parallel parking.

I thought that doing a U-turn would be difficult, but it turned out to be much easier than I thought!

Amazing. But I’m glad that it went smoothly. This video by Howcast did help me a lot while learning so I thought of sharing it with you!

I had my driving lessons Singapore taught by a very competent instructor called Mr Foo, and thus I never experienced any problems with driving.

Well, you see the thing about U turns is that it’s slightly different between manual and auto transmission cars and the following highlights the difference you need to do:

For manual cars, you should only let the clutch go at the half depressed and biting point and allow the car to drive at that speed but with your other feet on the brake pedals in case of emergency. Once you complete the turning, immediately turn your steering wheel back fast and accelerate afterwards.

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