How To Parallel Park

Parallel parking is one of the most daunting driving skills you have to learn if you ever decide to learn to drive.

When I first went for my parallel parking¬†lesson taught by my private driving instructor, I was super nervous but he calmed me down by breaking the steps to parking into simple to follow ‘for dummies’ way. During parallel parking driving lessons, I got more and more confident because the private driving instructor broke down the daunting steps into simple ones. This is what happens when you get a recommended private driving instructor versus taking up some random one. I had known someone who randomly walked up to an instructor at the coffeeshop at Ubi and asked for an instructor – is there any wonder why he didn’t get the best instructor?

The main difference between this and regular bay parking is because neighboring cars are in front of and behind your car, and not beside you where you can see the cars clearly.

This is where most people either steer their steering wheels too early resulting in the car jutting out of the lot or turning too late resulting in hitting of the roadside curb.

It is important for you to learn this parallel parking skill properly.

This is all the more important because, you will feel much more nervous during your actual driving on real roads and parking areas. This is simply due to the fact that you know it is other cars in front and behind you when you parallel park instead of just a curb or a pole.

You can and should watch the video below to learn!

If you still feel nervous during parallel parking – do not worry. Just take comfort in knowing that 90% of people feel that parallel parking is hard – even for people who already have their driving license. this is because¬†you can easily see what’s beside your car for normal vertical parking spaces, but you can’t for parallel parking.

Finding a good teacher to teach you driving lessons is half the battle won for getting your driving license. Hence always look for a good one – either ask your friends who have passed on the first try or go online to look for agencies which match students up with recommended private driving instructors.

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