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Funny Driving Fails

Before you go out onto the roads and try to drive, please make sure to get a good driving instructor in Singapore before learning how to drive.

Look at how HORRIBLE some drivers are around the world!

Crashing into other cars, hitting walls and nearly tipping their own cars over are among some of the most ridiculous driving.

Make sure to learn driving well!

Also, always remember that even if you have already gotten your Singapore driver’s license, it does not mean  that you can drive like a rogue on the roads now.

Always remember to be kind on the roads, do not block people from overtaking you ( a common road rage issue), speed up if you’re road hogging, and slow down at junctions and turnings.

A good private driving instructor in Singapore will teach you all the rules and regulations and on top of that, good driving behaviors in Singapore that you should ideally adhere to although some may just be nice to follow things but not necessarily Singapore Traffic Police rules.

It is important to be courteous to each other on the roads regardless you are a driver or a pedestrian, as you’ll be one of them at different points in time.

Driving – How To Change Lanes

Changing lanes is a seemingly easy task, and it is when there are no cars around you!

However, filtering lanes can seem like an extremely daunting and difficult task when you see a lot of cars all around you – which is especially the case during peak periods in Singapore (Ubi area). So for students taking driving lessons at Ubi area in Singapore, you may feel that it is difficult to filter lanes at Ubi. Remember, that if your driving tester asks you to filter to a particular lane or make a turning and you fail to do so as a result of not filtering lanes of time (possibly due to fear) you get an immediate failure for your driving test. This is why you should pay close attention to what I have to say on top of what your private driving instructor teaches you during the lesson.

But when you first begin to learn driving, you will find that you may miss out some blind spots when trying to change lanes, or that you turn your car too sharply.

All these can be negated with a good teacher.

But all these are perfectly fine… Until you are driving on a road with many cars / heavy traffic, then you start panicking!

Or worse still, you’re on the highway / expressway and there are many cars around you and they are all really fast moving!

How then do you change lanes on the roads?

The above video is a good instructional video which teaches you how to filter lanes and drive safely regardless of the road situation you are in right now.

Filtering lanes is one of the most basic driving skills you will ever need after you get your driving license and in a tiny country such as Singapore where you need to constantly change lanes and directions to get to where you want to go, filtering lanes is a must have skill.

It is really simple and if you got yourself a good private driving instructor he/she will be able to teach you well and learn this skill. The main important thing is to not swerve when you’re trying to filter lanes – that’s the most common mistakes made by students during driving lessons.